Brandolf Thorstein’s Grimoire

In August 1989, it was a clear night in the Angeles National Forest of Southern California. A group of Witches gathered for the annual Lughnasadh celebrations. The attendees were invited into the Circle, the Goddess and God were invoked and our work began. As the ritual went on, the trees began to join with us with their whispering of their leaves. Suddenly there was a lone howl of a coyote, everything stopped. As the howl echoed through the mountains, the Priestess proclaims, “Our words have been heard, our work is done. Now we can proceed with the celebration.” There was much feasting and merriment afterwards late into the night. This was a night that I would never forget and it would change my life forever.

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Brandolf’s Grimoire is in the process of transferring from written form to electronic form.  Since Aug 1989, volumes of information regarding Witchcraft fill volumes of binders.  It is long past time that this information is shared with others, so it won’t be lost in time.

WordPress is a new platform for me, so please be patient while I figure things out. Hopefully, this can be done in an expedient nature, so please keep checking back.

Thanks for understanding,

Brandolf Thornstein

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