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Early Spring (Imbolc) Incense

Source: Servant of Hestia Hooray for Early Spring!  And with Early Spring comes my incense blend that’s a little more involved than the Longest Night Incense recipe I gave you the other month.  This incense (like many of mine) are … Continue reading

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10 Magickal Ways to Use Star Anise in Witchcraft

Include it in fall or winter ritual incense. Anise keeps its powerful, spicy scent well through the winter season. Use it for winter and late fall rites for purification and cleansing. Use it during dark moon divination. When the moon … Continue reading

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A Recipe to Encourage the Returning Sun

I’m relatively new to Imbolc. In fact, I’m not even 100% comfortable calling this ancient February festival by it’s Gaelic name, despite my Scots/Irish heritage. Gaelic blood hardly makes me privy to old customs. The geography of my foremothers aside, I am drawn to … Continue reading

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